The history of PI6TEN (1980-2011)
Early 1980 there was a manned repeater in Amersfoort on 29.650 / 29.550. Although the repeaters signal strength was no to good it was still regularly used. Recently John (PA0ETE) was again approached by someone calling themselves the three-note chime and roger beep still could remember, something he had forgotten. The current 10m beacon on 28.302 MHz is actually still emerged from the plans for that relay, for which a permit was rejected quite decisively.

In the summer of 2006 John brought the subject of such a repeater further discussed in a conversation he had with someone at the Telecom Agency. Not that he then had concrete plans for anything, but he was, although he still had the idea in his mind was more curious about the chances of success of such a project.

One year later John had a telephone conversation with Peter, PA3EXL, who also played with the idea of an 10m-repeater. He said he’d like to try to get the permit, but saw no chance to take care of the technical stuff. Peter and his brother Patrick, PE1DNE were happy to take care of the technical construction of the relay.

Immediately thereafter they caught the bull by the horns. Problem was one location, but Peter managed to say that the best receiver location was the tower at the Media Park. Johan Venhorst immediately gave permission to locate the transmitter station in his house. The license was there, within ten days after that first meeting requested.

Several people have contributed to the project in the form of sponsorship, but also otherwise. Berend, PD1ALO picked the plan to the repeater at once, and brought it up in the ‘Gooi’ 2m Round. Also moved the 10m section of the round after the license was there from 29.630 to 29.690 MHz. Besides Peter, Patrick and John was soon Wouter PD0OSG involved in the project. The application was initially rejected indeed. Without much legal details given, an objection procedure followed. Wouter took over this task and in the spring of 2008, there was authorization for a relay at two locations connected by means of a 23cm microwave link. Actually, there were two repeaters: one from 10m to 23 cm in one place, and one from 23 cm to 10 m at the other location.

At the time the license has been proved both Patrick and Peter were unable to start the construction of the repeater because of personal circumstances. There was no other option for John to start building it hisself. But in the summer of 2009 he came to the conclusion that he underestimated the gravity of the project. John asked a number of people for help, both from the Gooi region and elsewhere. It was Johan Venhorst, who aid that his mechanic Robbie PD7TFK would like to continue the project. Thus it happened. Robbie began enthusiastically and involved Maarten PE7M in the project. These two gents managed to get the relay on air by the end of 2009. This with modest S reports.

In June 2010 the crew of the Amateur Television repeater PI6HVS adopted PI6TEN. We relocated the receiving part of PI6TEN to the location where PI6HVS is located as well. This high rise building was ideal for the receiving part and with the sponsoring of a new receiver bij Mischa PA1OKZ, reports were a lot better.

In Februari 2011 John decided to withdraw hisself from the project. He continued for a while with things around the license deal. And of course he is still emotionally involved in the relay. Remon PA1RUM decided to design a complete new website and hosting facilities. As from that time, the PI6HVS crew and of course Robbie operate PI6TEN.